Soak Up!...some WATER Facts

water is the driving force of all nature - Leonardo da Vinci

Earlier this week in Virginia, it was windy and warm, but not raining.

Now, downpours are going on.

A deluge.

My basement has drip, drip, drips. My yard is making its own new ponds and mini lakes.

The air is heavy and damp.

Water has so much physical presence, around and IN us.

drop into these thoughts...

Later, just let some of this bubble up in your mind when you drink something...wash your hands...or when you look outside at the rain...look for a moment at your skin...rub your hands across your arm or leg...are you dry?...are you juicy?

  • Free of Calories

  • Fills us up: 30% of the time our bodies are giving us a signal that we need more fluid - we're not actually hungry for more food

  • Removes TOXINS, pesticides and preservatives

  • Prevents dehydration: as our body gets rid of salt and chemicals from processed food, we will feel this stuff if we don't dilute and ask it away. Dehydration really has a lot of uncomfortable symptoms that we may mistakenly diagnose as other problems.

  • Conquers fatigue, lack of energy, headaches, and low mental focus

  • Speeds up metabolism: 2 glasses of water increases metabolic rate by 30% for 90 minutes after drinking

  • Helps your liver convert fat to energy: activate that heavy fat - give it something constructive to do with itself

  • Compensates for glycogen storage loss as you lose weight: read it this way - you lose the fat clogging up your cells, but don't lose the elasticity and flexibility of cell integrity (cellulite anyone?)

  • Empowers the kidneys: kidneys want to do their job: FILTER. If we don't use plain, clean water to FLUSH our organs and pathways and give them a way to move things out - these tender organs are forced to 'recycle' dirty fluids

  • We lose approx. 12 cups a day - naturally. Perspiration (2 cups), urine (6 cups), breathing (2-4 cups), and even through our feet (1 cup)!

There are gallons more benefits...

Sometimes I feel like a "water bully".

Because I ask my patients how much fluid they have had when they come for treatment...

I hear all too often:"Not enough". They even say it like a confession.

(somehow, we know that we need to be moister, don't we?)