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The Peaceful Deep - WATER

I saw clearly after the last writing - it might be time to point out that our experience doesn't need to be a long one.

We often fear getting lost or even of our own depths.

Isn't this perhaps why we stay on the surface of our days - allowing - even coaxing ourselves further away into distractions...? Distracted by anything and everything that pops up, floats by us?

Is this perhaps why we stay busy all the time? Making our lists, our schedules, plans...filling up our space and time with Things to Do...

We haven't learned well enough what might be possible for us right here and now, in this moment. And thereby, be able to trust a potential inside us for sane, calm, stable peace.

Actually our elemental, essential aspect of WATER - shows us what already is true about us.

The last post - insights on the Metal element - sets us up for penetrating sharply into our inner world so that we can see this. And feel its value.

We stop. We see. Then we think: "This is what is happening right now. I am sitting, breathing into my own experience as fully as I can right now. That's all."

We explored Metal to see more clearly what there is to contain, structure and frame our natural 'Water-ness'. We are MADE of Water. Every function of us takes place in Water (consider with me in the next post all the ways we have discovered this our modern scientific Metal world of facts about the water that IS our body).

We have taken out our mental pointer to focus. Just a momentary noticing helps us form some concentration.

We hold it right here, in this moment.

We are train in using the object of our breath (inhale, breath, taking in) as our reference point.

And nothing more, nothing less is desired, needed or longed for. It gives a sense of safety: just knowing what I am, right here right now.

The past disappears, the future is not yet here.

There's nothing BUT here. And we get to taste the direct deep moment of Now. This time, now, becomes more precious and important to us.

Often, when we get a chance to stop, rest or even slow down a little bit, a part of us gets nervous, anxious..."But I have too much to do...I have so many things today that I have to accomplish! I don't have time!"

This, ironically, can happen because we have never even stopped to see what IS happening. Or - if we have practiced this mindful state a couple of times before - we either have no taste of stillness or peace to savor and remember, so that develop a perpetual craving for it.

We keep craving the active moving parts of us. A patient of mine, lying on the table in my clinic's Water themed room, discovered after a few mindful moments, a belief on her mental surface said: "If I don't give myself all these things to do, I won't be able to move forward!"

Or. If we have tested out our mindful state - we loved it and we may want to stay in it: "Oh! I like this! I don't want to come out of this..."

And then we will do nothing else for the rest of the day.

(interesting thing to fear and avoid, isn't it?)

So, we have learned through our conditioning - and perhaps built a whole monument of our identity of it - to believe action is the more valuable thing. That our action must be the thing we or everyone else can see with the outer eyes.

The inner eye of our wisdom, our intuition, hasn't been edified and exalted as a treasured enough resource. So then it makes sense that we have trouble prioritizing it. And it is logical now to see why it gets forgotten as an actual source of clear, efficient and effective activity when it's time.

No one can convince you of your own inner peace and that you already know what is needed. But it is deep. And, it does mean a willingness to dive in.

So, we can do this quickly and briefly.

First, the breathing into the moment. Then, allowing the distractions and interruptions to this moment to fade and dissolve around your edges (softening the sharper awareness of your physical structure or body).

Now, the waiting. Just a moment....


You can just imagine that you are like a bubble in a body of water. You are in the water, and also of the water. You are made of water and it also surrounds you. And if then you can: imagine that this body of water is the right temperature, the right amount of calming light, and soothes you from all sides.

If you feel that a deep plunging is a little anxiety-provoking, just stay in an imaginary boat. Just be aware of the water - it's around you, it surrounds you, is beneath you. It is also you. You are also water, even inside the boat.

And just float. Abide. Let the water around you in this mental picture just hold you.

In the safety of our moment's restful imagination, we can just be someone who doesn't have to move your arms, know how to swim, or drown without air.

The key here (Note: Metal tool) is to allow and feel your own mind creating the safety in this floating and abiding (Metal container).

Thinking: "This is my own mind. I am not in an unsafe place because I am the one creating it."

Practice this today a little bit. Here - and then as each next "here and now" comes up. ...When you start to feel that you are being swept away in any waves of busyness. When the distractions start making waves in your moment...

When a swirling eddy grabs you up and even your own thoughts start making your little personal ocean feel like it is rocking your peaceful boat-like body. Breathe in. Wait a moment. Dive into your mental water source and abide.

When you then arise and look out to see 'what's next?" - trust the wise clarity of your own mind...

Next: Some Beneficial Truths about Water

Waving at you from here,


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