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For Acute STRESS, Nervousness, Anxiety, Panic

To calm and soothe the nervous system and to relieve stress in the body and mind.


Dissolve (1) teaspoon of powder into 4-6 oz of hot water, stir well and steep for (5) minutes.  

Maximum (4) doses daily.



All of my remedies are not intended to replace any medications or doctor's prescriptions.  If you have questions about any pharmacological contraindications with medications, please email me before taking this or any other remedy.




All ingredients are formulated from the Chinese Herbal Materia Medica. The effect of the singular ingredients are altered by the ratios and percentages used in the formula recipe. TCM Herbal Practitioners are welcome to contact me for the proprietary formulation.


Ye Jiao Teng, Fu Xiao Mai, Wu Wei Zi, (Hong) Da Zao, Shi Chang Pu. He Huan Pi, Fu Shen, Gan Cao